Team - PUK Digital
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Meet PUK Digital

Providing custom marketing solutions to automotive dealerships designed to increase their bottom line.


We do this through tailored marketing, executed unlike any other automotive marketing company. What also sets us apart is our experience. No other automotive marketer can match the level of PUK’s expertise. Our primary focus is digital marketing. We have a full suite of marketing solutions, services and capabilities, ranging from strategy to execution. PUK understands where and when to combine traditional marketing with digital marketing to sell cars. PUK Digital’s mission is to make your dealership life easy by taking the reins of marketing and allowing you to focus on what you do best; sell vehicles, service and give your customer the best experience.

Managing Members


A technology entrepreneur, social media strategist and marketing professional.

Udo F Misch


Dedicated to seamless strategy and execution when it comes to marketing initiatives.

Keith Borkowski