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The Proof

A Transformation of the Bottom Line


A Ford dealership was going through a transformation during a time that many dealers considered digital marketing a trend, but the dealership principal was proactive about the car buying experience evolving. After assessing the business and marketplace situation, it was determined:

Customer base was aging and to continue to advance the success of the dealership, we identified the need to enhance the dealership customer buying experience to match the needs of younger customers.

The dealership principal believed they needed to improve their digital marketing, but didn’t know how. They were using turnkey solutions, such as the many greedy automotive marketing companies out there, and weren’t getting the results they hoped for. The first step the dealership took was taking ownership of their digital marketing and hiring the right team.

  • Objective

  • Strategy

  • Digital Marketing Solutions

  • Success

  • Measurement


Enhance overall marketing strategy with an emphasis on digital marketing tactics to increase departmental sales (i.e. new, used, internet/BDC, F&I, service, parts and body shop).


Drive traffic to not only the brick and mortar dealership, but also to the dealership’s online showroom, by effectively executing targeted digital marketing tactics.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Utilize programmatic marketing tools and mediums to target segmented customers. Key components of our customer acquisition program include:

  • Maximized website experience and search optimization.
  • Conducted ongoing outreach involving engaging and dynamic content, such as video or promotion driving customers to the online showroom.
  • Leveraged not just the low-hanging fruit with email and social platforms, but implemented robust campaigns that dealerships typically are not aware of.
  • Changed perceptions about the dealership through broad digital medium reaches.


Even though the majority of our strategy has been in place since Q1 of 2013, we continue to grow sales and market share Year-over-year.


We believe in showing the most recent data during a larger time period to get the most accurate picture of success. Below we’ve highlighted a high level snapshot of a six-month period for all key departments within the above Ford dealership from Jan. 2016 through June 2016 vs. Jan. 2015 through June 2015.

PUK Digital Case Study