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Keith Borkowski

Dedicated to seamless strategy and execution when it comes to marketing initiatives.


Keith Borkowski

Keith has experience on both sides of the track, managing marketing programs as an agency leader and seeing how marketing programs pay off as a dealership leader.

Keith’s career began in public relations, inside advertising agencies of various sizes and in various markets.  His work has been equally split with business-to-consumer and business-to-business clients. He’s worked for the following industries: foodservice, restaurant, hospitality, tourism, entertainment, financial, agriculture and manufacturing. In terms of the automotive industry, He has worked with Harley Davidson at the manufacturer level and currently works for automotive dealerships.

During his experience at the dealership level, Keith uncovered the truth about the automotive marketing companies: they’re taking advantage of dealers all over the country.  Too often, Keith discovered, dealerships are paying excessive fees and realizing negative ROIs. Keith’s new passion is to help dealerships across the country by providing real-time marketing solutions. He is determined to deliver successful marketing programs with maximum ROI to dealerships.

Keith was born and raised in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin and currently resides in Brookfield, a suburb of Milwaukee. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where he majored in Journalism/Mass Communication with an emphasis in public relations. He also majored in business and marketing. Through the years he’s continued his education with digital marketing education at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, while obtaining various certificates and awards.

Outside of work Keith enjoys spending quality time with his wife and three girls. He loves to golf, travel, cook, grill, workout, go for runs and be outdoors as much as possible. Keith really doesn’t like to sit still for long, unless he is somewhere warm with water.