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What We Heard At Google Headquarters in New York

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What We Heard At Google Headquarters in New York

We’re in NYC this week to participate in the RETHINK V3 Digital Marketing Conference. The event, focused on the auto industry, brings together auto dealer groups, Googlers and digital marketing pros from around the country. Tons of great speakers, networking, and best practices. Even got a mini behind the scenes tour of the Google office, where approx 5,000 Googlers work. While we’re gathering a ton of info to take back and implement with our clients, wanted to share some “micro moments” from each presenter to get you to RETHINK your approach to marketing. Enjoy!

Focus on the the core elements first.  Set up your Adwords account properly and tie it to analytics. Most dealerships aren’t competing in the targeted search areas where they can win – local terms, terms based on search intent and stage of the buying process.  Peter Leto, Head of Auto at Google

You have an awesome story to tell about what goes on at your dealership, you just don’t realize it. You think of your life as 10 -12 hours of mundane tasks. Take the best 10 minutes of your day, edit the content properly, and you’ll look like an absolute rockstar. Allyn Hane RVP Dealer Inspire & LDM

Only 45% of traditional TV commercial time is actually watched – due to skipping, multitasking and channel switching. YouTube presents 95% viewability, due to understanding user intent based on search history, map queries and downloaded apps.  Amy Yury, Director, Global Video Product & Sales Activation, Google Marketing Solutions

A buzzword in tech over the recent years, IoT (Internet Of Things – connecting everything to the internet) has been a bit of a flop. To prepare for the future, marketing companies need to employ data experts who relentlessly interpret relevant consumer data sets. Generation Z, those currently 16 – 21 years old, already account for 26% of the US population. What we think of now as technology fantasies, will be required elements in future car purchases. In other words, if my phone allows me to do certain things, why can’t my car?   Danny Dover, Best-Selling SEO Author

The auto buyer journey takes 3 months, involves 24 touch points, of which 19 are digital touch points. You need to understand the messages you are giving your target audience at each stage of the buyers journey.  Liz Ruggi, Product Expert Audience at Google

I make my videos to educate and entertain. I don’t place phone numbers and buy now calls to action all over the place. The key is to start and do something. Hold your phone horizontally for all video shoots and don’t watch your own videos out of the gate. Have someone else edit them and keep making them. Honda Pro Jason, YouTube Personality

Adwords is complex. It comes down to strategy and execution. There is no “one sheet guide” or summary document that can address all situations. Julio Gonzalez, Auto Lead at Google

Now leads to new. Product differentiation will not be a long term advantage. Dealerships need to focus on making things easier for their consumer. Predictions for 2018 – the year of better. Dealerships will use new technology to drive an improved consumer experience. Joe Chura, CEO Dealer Inspire & LDM

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